Salary Supplement

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2011 Young,Linda A UM_FLINT Flint Chancellor's Office Administrative Assistant Assoc 1 30,000.00
2011 Zeff,Jacqueline L UM_FLINT Flint English PROFESSOR 1 100,000.00
2011 Zeiss,Rebecca S UM_FLINT Flint Comm and Visual Arts LEO Lecturer I 1 28,000.00
2011 Zemore,Pamela J UM_FLINT Flint University Relations Public Relations Rep Inter 1 43,000.00
2011 Zerka,Robin L UM_FLINT Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci LEO Lecturer I 0.25 27,000.00
2011 Zhong,Yan UM_FLINT Flint Foreign Language LEO Lecturer I 1 26,000.00
2011 Zuwala,Ronald J UM_FLINT Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR 0 0.00